Home is Where the Lord Sends Me

By Kristin Cain

The life of a military family is organic – ever changing, growing, renewing. Military families potentially move every 2-3 years. That means new friends, new schools, new churches, new neighbors. Sometimes the hardships that come along with all that transition are at the forefront of our minds. In the midst of all that chaotic change, what if we stopped and saw the opportunity at hand? Our relationships may be brief, our roots shallow and our boxes may never completely be unpacked – but the impact that we have in each community that God places us in can be tremendous.


I have a sign that hangs in my house, above the doorway. It can be found there no matter what home we live in. It reads, “Home is where the Lord sends us.” That sign serves as a reminder to me that we are fulfilling a calling. Whether we realize it or not, God has called us to be a military family. He has divine appointments set for us in each city we live, each church we go to, each commissary we shop in.

Military families are exposed to more new people and communities than the average person will ever have the opportunity to reach. What if we learned how to disciple someone, and took that skill to each duty station that we call home? What if we saw our military career and lifestyle as a mission field that we were called to serve? What if we used these new experiences to reach others for His Kingdom?


Living a military life can leave one feeling out of control with regards to their own fate. However I have found that when I look to each transition as an opportunity to reach more people for God, to embrace a new assignment from Him and see the people I meet as valuable tools for His Kingdom, I am renewed with purpose.

This may all seem daunting and overwhelming. But, It is as simple as making a new friend. Years ago, we were at a new duty station. I attended my first Spouse Club meeting, where I knew no one. As a natural introvert, I was on the verge of tears while swallowing my discomfort in being in a new place and feeling so awkward. What happened next changed the person I am and how I learned to relate to others. Another new wife walked up to me and simply said, “Give your phone number. We are friends now.” I later learned that her name was Andrea and we did become dear friends. It took me a while to master the confidence to be so bold in reaching out to others. But I have learned something, whenever I meet a new military family member and extend an offer of friendship – I have never been met with anything but gratitude. And that is where evangelism, discipleship, and your calling begin.


I envision a beautiful tapestry being woven among the military. As each person is discipled, that glorious scarlet thread weaves itself across the miles from person to person, reaching communities far and wide and expanding His Kingdom. What a beautiful sight to see! Kingdom Come!

Kristin Cain is the director of Military Ministry and a Disciple-Maker at Existence Church. She has an amazing family and looks forward to wherever the Lord will send them next.