Disciple Making E-Book

Disciples Who Make Disciples: Free eBook

By Greg Nettle and Alex Absalom

Greg Nettle and Alex Absalom wrote a free eBook called, “Disciples Who Make Disciples.” In this short book it lays out in detail how RiverTree Church in northern Ohio is forging a culture that intertwines disciple making with mission. Take a moment to learn how one church is making a difference engaging in intentional discipleship.

Exponential (www.exponential.org), an organization dedicated to accelerating church multiplication had this to say about the book…

Greg Nettle and Alex Absalom describe the practical steps the church has taken to begin the shift from merely reaching people to making disciples who in turn are equipped to go and make more disciples. Disciples Who Make Disciples covers what it means to define discipleship in a biblical, simple yet challenging way.


Greg Nettle and Alex Absalom would like to thank the following sponsors for practically supporting their eBook to be a free download:

Exponential www.exponential.org

Compassion International www.compassion.com

SYNERGY  www.synergymissional.com

Provision Ministry Group www.provision.org

River Tree Church www.rivertreechristian.com


Greg Nettle is the visionary leader of the RiverTree Movement and the President of Stadia, an international church planting organization. Alex Absalom serves with Greg at River Tree Church and at Stadia. To find out more about Greg visit: www.gregnettle.com To find out more about Alex visit: www.alexabsalom.wordpress.com