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    30 Principles for Life

    By Charles Stanley / Reposted Charles Stanley is one of the most influential pastors and leaders in the last century.…

    by Charles Stanley



    By Shawn Kennedy The number 17 represents the amount of minutes it took for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to…

    by Shawn Kennedy


    The Church is a Family

    By Shawn Kennedy Charles Haddon Spurgeon pastored the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, England during the 1800s. It was his writings…

    by Shawn Kennedy

  • KCD_Work

    Working to the Glory of God

    By Joe Thorn (Posted with Permission) I continually run into young men who are frustrated at their stage in life…

    by Joe Thorn

  • MyOnlyChance

    My Only Chance

    By John Stumbo I recently had the privilege of presenting a seminar in Tampa, Florida to the C&MA Council delegates…

    by John Stumbo


    To Drink or Not to Drink: Abstinence or Moderation

    By Shawn Kennedy It’s no secret, when it comes to the subject of drinking as a follower of Jesus Christ,…

    by Shawn Kennedy

  • superman-2

    Man of Steel or Man of Sorrows

    By Jared Musgrove This summer marks 75 years of Superman. The character was created by two Jewish teenagers, Jerry Siegel…

    by Jared Musgrove


    5 Things A Successful Marriage Has to Have

    By Perry Noble (Posted with Permission)  Lucretia and I have been married for over 11 years, we’ve been together (dating…

    by Perry Noble


    Discipleship is About Relationships

    By Bill Mangham Jesus commanded the church to make disciples of people from all nations (Mt. 28:18-20). At times we…

    by Bill Mangham


    Ashamed of the Gospel

    By Sam Kim “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who…

    by Sam Kim


    Celebrating Mother’s Day

    By Shawn Kennedy As we approach Mother’s Day, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude for my own…

    by Shawn Kennedy

  • teachingkids

    How to Talk with Your Kids about a Sermon

    By Joe Holland They sit there next to you and their feet don’t even hit the floor. You’re thinking, “What,…

    by Joe Holland


    5 Quotes Worth Tweeting

    By Shawn Kennedy The Exponential Conference is the largest conference focused on church planting and discipleship in the world. This…

    by Shawn Kennedy


    Praying in Moments of Crisis

    By Shawn Kennedy On April 15th, 2013, two bombs exploded on the finish line of the Boston Marathon injuring over…

    by Shawn Kennedy

  • article_gloryofgod

    God is For Me For His Glory

    By Shawn Kennedy God has never been on a mission to bring you glory, but rather to love you, to…

    by Shawn Kennedy

  • DisciplelikeJesus

    Why We Don’t Disciple Like Jesus

    Posted with Permission from Exponential (Visit If we want to know how Jesus discipled people and how the early…

    by Exponential


    Making the Easter Invite

    By David Cannella If you are anything like me, you wholeheartedly want to see everyone you know sitting in the…

    by David Cannella

  • ARTICLE_Missions

    Cultivating a Heart for Missions

    By Keith Neigenfind Missions. This can be either a daunting or a confusing word. While your eyes glance across it,…

    by Keith Neigenfind

  • Empty stadium seats

    Spectators to Worshipers

    By Weston Ring Worship is an action.  It is not passive, it is not watched.  Worship is more than an…

    by Weston Ring

  • Article_Entrusted

    We are Entrusted – Healthy Stewardship

    By Shawn Kennedy The truth is everyone has been entrusted to be responsible with something. Some of us have been…

    by Shawn Kennedy


    Spiritual Discipline of Preaching to Yourself

    By Joe Thorn MostChristians seem to still agree that preaching is important. We download podcasts and attend conferences that center…

    by Joe Thorn


    Home is Where the Lord Sends Me

    By Kristin Cain The life of a military family is organic – ever changing, growing, renewing. Military families potentially move…

    by Kristin Cain

  • LoveofGod

    For the Love of God

    By Stuart Wiffen John 3:16 (ESV) “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever…

    by Stuart Wiffen

  • DisciplineofFunLARGE

    Spiritual Discipline of Having Fun

    by Heather Zempel Article is posted by permission from STOP TAKING YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY I have a tendency to…

    by Heather Zempel

  • EmotionallyUnhealthySpirituality

    Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality

    by Pete Scazzero Article is taken from Chapter 2 of the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Article is reposted with permission.…

    by Pete Scazzero

  • EnlargingtheSoul

    Enlarging the Soul through Grief

    By John Stumbo A friend of mine in Nebraska says, “Grieving well enlarges the soul.” I don’t claim to be…

    by John Stumbo